What comes up to your mind when you think of coronavirus and immunity? Coronavirus disease portrays silent killer behavior, WHO has emerged at the forefront in giving the protocols to be followed in order to limit its spread.

The disease is termed as the silent killer because it takes around 14 days before the symptoms are detected in human beings hence a lot of difficulties in its immunization.


Though the WHO protocols are very helpful as a population immunity tool but putting them into use is another step. 

Vaccination with the WHO proved vaccine is, therefore, the best for immunization of coronavirus.


 Population immunity is achievable, through vaccination of the population as well as separating fully the believed to be or already diseased.

The separation or isolation followed by a quarantine should not step down to the national economic state for full population immunity.

The vaccinated population will there-off develop a strong immune system through build up proteins. As a result of enough proteins in the body, `antibodies` will be readily available to fight the virus from developing in the human body.

The vaccinated people are therefore safe for contracting the disease.

In order to meet population immunity against coronavirus, the venerable and government employees should be vaccinated to lower the transmission rate to the entire population.

The un-vulnerable and other diseases related people to strictly keep safe from the disease.

The research shows that portion of the population who are ready to be vaccinated and develop strong immune depend on the diseases they are suffering from e.g. polio and measles. For instance, 95 for every 100 with measles accept to build their immune through a vaccine.

The remaining 5 for every 100 sufferings from measles only accepts when it will not spread to others. To polio, 80 for every 100 people accept as the remaining 20 only agrees under different conditions.

What is the WHO’s position on `herd immunity’ as a way of fighting covid-19?

What are the foundation functions of WHO?  WHO is really trying on herd immunity only that the disease cannot be posed to people of different age as a means of study is that it is illegal and as well risky to the rest of the society?  

Posting it to society can lead to an increased rate of infection hence a lot of sufferings and death. The spread of covid-19 is still vast to cold climatic regions with a large population.

As the research on covid-19 immunization is still progressive, the findings show that most infected people do recover before the end of one month.

The research also shows that the infected and recovered can still be infected as the other population that has never been infected.

Although it still not clears how long the immune of the first infection to subsequent infection lasts because the immune of different people also differs as well.

We still don’t know how long immune the population is and how long the immunity will last if it is still difficult to understand the coronavirus immunity.

We can, therefore, only make a careful declaration about the immunity that protects a large population from infection.

It is believed that old people and people with breathing-related cases are the ones at risk, which is not the case, every individual can get infected and even die from the disease.

In a nutshell, WHO still works hand in hand with clinicians and patients on further steps to understand the long-term effects of covid-19. 

Some of the infected shows moderate symptoms and can easily turn normal as they maintain a balanced diet in their meals.

The other section of infected people may fail to show the expected covid-19 cases hence most dangerous to society.

The last group are those who are detected infected and their rate of illness is also severe. Does WHO have the fundamental knowledge of herd immunity?

What do we know about immunity from covid-19?

Can covid-19 be immunized? The people who have been infected develop strong immune before the end of one month after infection hence covid-19 can be immunized.

As WHO are still on the drawing board to determine the strength of immune the recovered have after recovering, the research is still progressive to determine how strong the protection is and how long do it last to a different individual.

Depending on the type of infection others may show no related symptoms but are infected hence mass testing and be immunized before being in a severe state.

The advantageous part of it is that any immunized individual normally seems to develop immunity.

Worldwide, different findings from the laboratories show that for every 100 people, 10 are found infected. This indicates that though the rate of its spread is still high most of the people are COVID -19 free.

The research also indicates that the immune from other coronaviruses do reduce over time at a known rate globally unlike covid-19 which is unknown on how long it lasts.

What is WHO’s position on `lockdowns’ as a way of fighting covid-19?

Is lockdown one of the WHO’s protection guidelines against covid-19?

The confinement of movement from town places and densely populated areas to rural areas that others termed as the lockdown is a very essential tool to prevent the large spread of covid-19.

Though very helpful lockdown may seem to be, it is also as well dangerous to society. Firstly, the internal migrants and long business travelers will no longer be capable to bring food to the table.

The second group involved the refugees who cannot go back to their country and lastly the economy of the country as per GDP which does deteriorate rhythmically.

The WHO findings also indicate that due to poverty issues which cannot be held constant for a while even the government do just pass time by issuing stay-at-home as a measure to carb the pandemic.

The government itself should be for-front in guiding the citizen peacefully enable them to understand lockdown as an impotent tool for cabbing the spread of the disease.

Finally, it is clear that all protocols of WHO inclusion of lockdown will bring coronavirus into non-existence.    

Though, vaccination with a proved vaccine is the only way to fight the disease.ontes viverra nibh in adipiscing blandit tempus accumsan.