Job Market

How is the Job Market during Covid-19 pandemic

Many people have been affected because of the Corona pandemic. Just  let alone the tourist industry is greatly affected and also all of the surrounding industries which supplies values, goods, services, and much more. 


Covid-19 and the construction sector

The pandemic of COVID-19 ravaged the world of work. In the construction sector, its impact, which varies across industries, has been significant.

Covid-19 and the construction sector

Construction enterprises and workers are particularly vulnerable to the drastic decline in economic activity resulting from the pandemic, as construction is sensitive to economic cycles. Decent job deficits in the sector have been compounded by increased health threats associated with COVID-19.

 However, construction, due to its capacity to build jobs, has great potential to stimulate recovery. Together with the application of international labor standards, tripartite cooperation and social dialogue are vital to promoting a human-centered recovery from the crisis. In turn, recovery measures can support the transformation of the sector towards sustainability and digitalization.