Physical fitness is very important for your healthy stay during the self-quarantine times; this is because without being fit you can easily succumb to a mere attack from the coronavirus.

Below are the well-explained technique and steps in this article which will help you stay strong and safe during a period of self-quarantine.

1. Take a short active break per day

Did you know that daybreak is always important for your health? It helps you keep safe and makes your mind function properly.

It is recommended by WHO that it is always important for an individual to have daybreak this can be playing with children or any other activity apart from the actual schedule at home.

These daybreak activities like gardening, dancing helps you relax and refresh from your normal schedule.

2. Take an online fitness class

Have you ever heard of an online fitness class ­? YouTube offers a variety of online activities which includes online fitness class, this is some of the lessons you must follow to keep you fit at home.

Fitness classes offered online are always important for your normal function and operation of the body. When you follow strictly online fitness class this will helps you manage your time and save you on thinking of fitness Centre.

3. Walk

Are you always sited when doing your daily activities? Walking is one of the best ways you can keep safe and active.

During the self-quarantine period, it is always difficult for one to walk outside the compound, walking is always recommended even if it is for a small space.in your compound, you can always have space to walk even if it not such large.

Walking around your compound helps you to stay active and helps the metabolic process of your body to be complete.

4. Stand up

Are you always doing your daily task while sitting or standing? It is advisable and recommended for you to stand for a while for some hours or minutes daily while doing some task.

It is recommended for you because it is always healthy for good blood circulation. Consider standing for more than 30 minutes while doing sedimentary activities like reading, puzzles and board games, it is healthy for you and this will keep you physically fit during your time of self-quarantine.

Standing up is important per day since it reduces things like stress and stroke in one’s immunity.

5. Relax

Relaxing always involves keeping off from energy-consuming activities.do you have a relaxing schedule per day? It is important for your daily schedule to have a relaxing time; it helps you to eases your mind and helps you keep physically fit.

Meditation is one of the ways you can use it when relaxing, it reduces mental strength and gives your brain the energy it requires to calm for better function and blood circulation.

Home based exercises

How many examples of home-based exercise techniques do you know? It is applicable for you to have more than one example of an exercise that you can spend your day with to keep you physically fit in different ways.

The question of what to do at home in the form, of exercise is disturbing your head? In this section of the article, we will discuss the most recent techniques on the same.

Knees to elbow

This is one of the best exercise technique which will help you keep fit for the rest of the self-quarantine time.it is easy to carry on, you’re just required to move elbow to the opposite knees, you can repeat this for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Every exercise requires full dedication and must not give up when doing such activities, this is because they are recommended for you and they help you to be safe.

Back extension

Have you ever tried to stress your back after long work hours? It is healthy and relaxes your body muscles. It is simple and you’re only required to touch your years with your fingers and stress your upper part of your body towards your legs.

Try this and you will find it easy to fit in the whole period of self-quarantine. This excise is mostly recommended for individual who sometimes experience backache and other forms of muscle instabilities.


Squatting exercise helps you to stress your legs and lower body parts. It is simple and healthy.

When carrying out the exercise you’re required to put your legs at hip distance and bend your knees to the ground. You can repeat the exercise for more than 10 minutes.

Chest opener

This type of exercise helps you to stress your chest muscles and also important in stretching your upper body part.it is simple and not complicated; you can repeat it for more than 10 minutes per day.

 Conclusively keep physically fit is very paramount for your healthy stay at home during the time of quarantine. You’re recommended to do at least two to three of this above-discussed exercise. The virus is spreading at a faster rate and you should follow strictly the rates

These daybreak activities like gardening, dancing helps you relax and refresh from your normal schedule.


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